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Why Kansas City Concierges is the best solution

Most professionals, unfortunately, do not have their own assistants, so they try to balance and cram errands and personal chores into their after-work hours and their already busy Saturdays. More often than not, however, these chores creep into their regular work time and without the benefit of a personal assistant to handle their personal needs, this waste time and affects the bottom line which is non-productive.  After all, most people who need to do personal business will do it during company hours. Right?

The solution is here, its Kansas City Concierges

Downtime?  What is that?  No one has the time for it anymore.

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Kansas City Concierges gives that time back to you, your employees and  to your clients!

Is this your life?  Doing the balancing act every day, does your life sound like this. Wake up, prepare breakfast (for yourself or your family), maybe pack the kids lunch, take them to school, how about rushing to work and then slammed with rush-hour traffic. Then at lunch you make some personal calls, run to the store or the dry cleaners, and or buy your kids something they need for school, scouts or some after school event. Then if you have time you grab some fast food on your way back to work. Then it starts all over again after work, pick up the kids, take them to their activities, make dinner, and afterwards make appointments at the doctor, dentist and the vet. Then more calls, family coming to visit must plan, need groceries, prescriptions  filled, get that special gift, golf-tee time for next week, plan a party, homework, walk the dog and or feed the cat.

 Are you tired yet?  Who wouldn’t be!  Wouldn’t it be great to have a concierge who could do all the stuff you don’t have time to do?  How about help you can afford? 

Kansas City Concierges is your cost effective answer!

 The popularity of concierge services stems from the fact that people are stressed out, overworked, and need help and support dealing with their  everyday life so they can spend their free time nurturing themselves and their families. As good workers become harder to find, business are looking for concierge services to offer as perks to keep valuable employees happy. Companies around the world are also getting into the act. They are not only starting to use corporate concierges, but they are making them a part of their corporate benefit packages. They now understand the less time employees spend running personal errands during the workday, the more time they can spend at their desks and subsequently, with their families at night.

By adding Kansas City Concierges to your benefit package, the company will look like the hero!

Work/life balance and concierge services are not just new trends that will go away in a few years. They’re trends that are clearly here to stay. Working Mother Magazine published a list of the top 100 companies to work for and they all seem to have one thing in common: they all offer work/life benefits to their employees. Companies are finally focusing on the fact that people cannot do it all; they need help.  A stress free employee is a happy employee!

Kansas City Concierges is here to make you more marketable and help you keep that winning edge

The work/life idea has taken off like a brush fire and is reaching every avenue of the workforce in the US. People are embracing the concierge services because they can give the individuals more time to spend both at their jobs and with their families. 

Kansas City Concierges is your win-win situation.

How do I get started?

It is easy! Contact Kansas City Concierges and let us build a package plan for you!

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